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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Start of a New Season: My Annual Plant Sale


For the last many years I have been selling tomato and vegetable plants at my annual plant sale for $1 or so. I also sell them at the River Hill community flea market in May but the plants are always available early. I recently created a blog called The Rusted Vegetable Garden. It has everything you need to grow vegetables and then some. I am always glad to answer questions and help you with gardening. Just email me.

There is always room to have a tomato plant and probably room for a small raised bed garden somewhere in your yard. You would be surprised how many vegetables you can get from a 4 x 8 raised bed. This might be the year you start the vegetable garden you always wanted. I also think it is important for kids to know that vegetables come from the earth and not Giant. You would be surprised what kids think. Quiz them. Radishes don't grow on a bush.

Here is my blog link http://therustedgarden.blogspot.com/. I write articles, blog, post pictures, find videos and articles, and basically follow one of my passions. I hope you enjoy it. I will be updating the blog with dates of my plant sales and will send out emails. Last year the early birds got the good stuff.

This year I plan to have 20 varieties of tomatoes and peppers, both standards and heirlooms. Plus all kinds of different vegetable plants - cukes, squash, zukes, greens and more. And lots of flowers too. You can become a follower of the blog and see what is growing as it grows.

It would be helpful to me and greatly appreciated, if you would forward this to interested friends and groups. I hope to get 100 blog followers. The yard sale and flea market are held in Clarksville.

Thanks for Your Time,


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  1. I found out about a lot of the blogs that I follow by giveaways. One way to enter was to post a comment, tell people about the giveaway on facebook, tweeter, email or blogs. There would be one entry for each. You could give a tomato or two away hopefully more people would find out about you?


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