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Planting Vegetables

This is a journal of plants I grow. Planting and tending information can be found in the various blog links. I typically include a lot of pictures and will be adding videos beginning with the 2011 gardening season.

Visit my extensive gardening video website at My Tomato and Vegetable Garden

Carrots: Planting Carrots in a Furrow and Raised Bed: March 2011
Kale: Tending to Your Winter Kale Come Spring: March 2011
Kohlrabi: Pictures and A Brief Description: July 2010
Peas: Planting Peas in Large Container: March 2011
Peas: Planting Peas in a Raised Bed: March 2011
Radishes (Globe and Long): Planting Radishes in Furrows and Rows: March 2011
Spinach: Planting Spinach in Finger Holes: March 2011
Squash: Hubbard Golden Heirloom: Pictures and A Brief Description: July 2010
Strawberries: Building a Bucket Container and Planting: March 2011
Strawberries: Planting Strawberries in a Strawberry Box: June 2011
Tomato: Celebrity Variety: Determinate: Pictures and Review: July 2010
Tomato: Sara's Galapagos: Currant Type: Spotlight

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