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Have Questions About All Things Gardening?

Have Questions About All Things Gardening?

I have several Google+ Communities that have over  a 1000 members. The members are gardeners from all over the world. One community is set up just to get questions answered as fast as possible.

You can leave a question here or join a Goolge+ Community  called:


  1. I like your site/blog a lot. I am creating a blog as well may I add a link to your blog from my blog?

    1. Certainly. Feel free to link it to your site. Good luck. It is a lot of fun. After about a year of establishing it, you start getting lots of visits. I hope you stick with it.

  2. Hi Gary, love your videos! I planted burpless cucumbers seeds. They looked fine. But when I planted them. A day or two later the plant has wilted and it dies. Your thoughts please. I have started seeds 2 times already this year.


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