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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Decorating for Next Year: Using A Butcher Block as A Planting Station

Well, as you can tell my blog is slowing down as the gardening season closes. My kids sports and other activities have picked up and that is taking over my time. I am shifting away from watching my garden grow to watching my kids grow another season. I figure there is about a month left before the frost comes. And this is the time I start thinking about growing plants indoors.

This isn't only the time for cleaning up the garden but a time for planning the next garden. We just finished our basement and one thing I added down there was a utility sink and growing closet. If you have the room I highly recommend you create a growing closet and if you are lucky enough to have the room... add a utility sink.  Having a utility sink makes gardening clean up easy and quick.

Now that we finished our basement. I plan to build a flagstone patio right at the top of the walk-out stairs. I planned out the stone and am looking for furniture. The classic outdoor look I want, in furniture, I was able to find here at adirondackchairsinc.com .  I prefer natural products and in this case stone and wood. It ties nicely into my garden style.  Another interesting piece of furniture that can be used in the finish basement is a butcher block. The butcher block is a great piece of functional furniture. The right style can function as a piece of decorative furniture and can also function as a planting station. The link shows different styles and one of them is perfect for a planting station.