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Friday, March 2, 2018

Introducing Episode 1 of Gardening 101: Indoor Vegetable Seed Starting Basics: Seeds, Starting Supplies & Lighting

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Introducing Episode 1 of Gardening 101:
Indoor Vegetable Seed Starting Basics: Seeds, Starting Supplies & Lighting

I will be doing a long format video series with a digital table of contents so you can jump to the most relevant parts of the video. Gardening 101 will take you through my entire gardening season from beginning to end. On the way I will explain and show just about everything I am doing. It is a great way to learn and refresh your vegetable gardening skills.

The first episode of Gardening 101 is all about indoor seed starting. I cover the seed types, starting supplies and really explain the kind of lighting you need. This episode will get you started in the really fun and relaxing world of starting seeds indoors. The video is best watched through my 2nd YT Channel My First Vegetable Garden as the video links will be active. Here is what you will find in the video description

I will be doing a longer video series called Gardening 101 exclusively on my 2nd YT Channel: My First Vegetable Garden. It can be searched with a digital table of contents. The series is geared to the first time vegetable gardener. Today's episode is all about the basics of indoor seed starting.  I cover seeds and what GMO, Heirloom, Hybrids and Organic means, basic seed starting supplies, seed starting mix and out of the box grow-lights. Enjoy!

0:00 Series Introduction
1:30 What are GMO's Seeds
2:33 What are Heirloom Seeds
3:30 What are Organic Seeds
4:56 What are Hybrid Seeds
6:44 Pressed Peat Moss Seed Starting Cells - 'I don't like them'
7:47 Basic Plastic Seed Starting Cells
9:30 Basic Seed Starting Mix Tips
10:50 Boiling Water to Stop Fungus Gnats
11:22 Water Trays and Bottom Watering
14:17 Basics on Cool Weather and Warm Weather Crops
15:30 Grow Light Basics - Lumens & Kelvin Ratings

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