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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Looking for a Great Holiday Gift for a Gardener in Your Life? Shirley's Simple Shelving Makes a Great Gift

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Looking for a Great Holiday Gift for a Gardener in Your Life?
Shirley's Simple Shelving Makes a Great Gift

Sometimes it can be hard to find a really nice holiday gift for a vegetable gardener. We, on the one hand, are satisfied with a bag dirt, but on the other hand, it can be difficult to find something unique. Shirley's Simple Shelving solves that problem. Shirley sells framing systems that require no tools for setup and takedown. They are made of metal, not plastic, and constructed in the USA. You can buy units small enough for a table or large enough for 8 foot boards. In either case, you just slide the appropriate size boards into the frame and you are ready to go.

I will be working with Shirley for 2018 and the metal rustic frames (below) are inspired by The Rusted Garden. You can find the frames in so many different colors but I prefer the patina of RUST. Check out her website to see her different shelving systems and colors. And if you find one that comes unfinished, in the 'Rustic' style, it is what I have currently in my garden. You can enter the coupon code THERUSTEDGARDEN at checkout and save $10 right now. If you purchase a RUSTIC finish, I do get a percentage of those sales.

They come in 2 tiers, 3 tiers, 6 tiers and more. There shelving frames come in so many different sizes and colors. One of them will Shirley meet your gifting needs. You can find the right size for any garden.  I love Shirley's shelves because the are simple to setup and takedown. You can see how quickly I set them up in my video and how I used them for container gardening. They helped me take the clutter off my deck and set up this beautiful growing area. Those are my spring seed starts you see below.

The no tool construction allowed me to easily move the shelves by myself, as the seasons changed. That greatest value is that they not only helped me organize my space and free up my deck for entertaining... but they also gave me more space for planting. You can see in the video how I used the red enamel frames this spring. I color stained the boards to match the frames and it added a brilliant addition of color to my garden. They are built to last and highly functional. They would make a wonderful holiday gift. 

Gary (The Rusted Garden)