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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Starting Seeds Indoors – A Video Series: How to Make $500-$1000 Selling Vegetable Seed Starts

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Starting Seeds Indoors – A Video Series: 
How to Make $500-$1000 Selling Vegetable Seed Starts

The simple answer… learn how to start seeds indoors and...

Do a plant yard sale this spring or early summer (do one again in the fall) in your front yard. You can also, find spring community yard sales or church yard sales and get a table. Grow tomatoes, peppers and herbs as your main stock by starting them indoors early.  You want these plants to be about 8 weeks old when they go to sale. Start them indoors in small cells, pot them up and get the acclimated to the sun.  Transplant them up to 8-10 ounce cups. You can use Styrofoam (least expensive), plastic cups, peat pots or buy nursery pots based on your budget.

My 2020 YT series that is being done in real-time will cover all the steps for growing the transplants and discuss the yard sale idea.

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Many times, you can start cucumbers, zucchini, squash, kale and more too but the timing varies based on where you live.  You want these plants to be about 4 weeks old when they go to sale.  Start these plants in the larger cups.

Years ago, I would do a plant sale on my driveway and get a parking space at our local community spring flea market. I did a pre-sale to friends and over the years had ‘customers’. I no longer do that. When I was, I would make between $500 and $1000 selling plants for $1 each.  You can easily sell them today at that price or even $2 a plant or 3 for $5. This gave me all the extra money I needed for my mulch, wood and other garden supplies. The key is to start indoors.

If you don’t need to sell them, starting indoors can easily save you $500 to $1000 a year.  Transplants easily cost $2, $3 or $4. If you are buying perennial flowers you might spend $5-$10 a pot.  The cost of buying shelves and lights to get started is not as expensive as you might think if you follow my videos. You don’t need to buy expensive grow-light systems. Build them yourself.  Plus, everything should last you 10 years. Divide the cost of setting up by 10 and it isn’t that bad.

Follow me on YT under The Rusted Garden. I am doing a complete 2020 series on starting seeds indoors. The first 4 videos are below and they cover everything you need to know to get started. They cover basic seed starting supplies, lighting, shelving, starting mixes and getting the seed cells ready for planting. Future videos will cover starting perennial flowers, herbs, onions, peppers, tomatoes and other vegetables indoors.  Think about having a plant yard sale and fund your growing garden.

Video One:
Starting Vegetables Seeds Indoors: Purchasing LED or Fluorescent Grow-Lights - Kelvin & Lumen Scales

Video Two:
Starting Vegetable Seeds Indoors: Cells, Trays & Starting Mix - How to Stop Fungus Gnats 100% 

Video Three:
Starting Vegetable Seeds Indoors: Selecting Shelving & Building an Indoor Grow-Light Station Basics

Video Four:
Starting Vegetable Seeds Indoors: Preparing Containers for Planting, When & How to Water Seed Starts

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