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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

How to Simply and Easily Build a Garden Compost Bin: Just Get Started Composting!

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How to Simply and Easily Build a Garden Compost Bin: 
Just Get Started Composting!

Composting is not difficult. The biggest barrier is finding a place to put the pile and just getting started. They key to good compost bin is the right size. You can really use whatever materials you have on hand. A compost bin that measures 4x4x4 feet/1.2x1.2x1.2 meters or a bit larger is perfect. That is the right size to hold material and have a core that will hold moisture and let microbial and garden life flourish. You can cold compost or hot compost with this size bin. The video will show you the whole build.

Start with measuring out your 4x4x4 foot space and use posts that will give you at least 4 feet above the ground and have 12 inches to go into the ground. Metal fencing posts work best.

4x4x4 feet or 1.2x1.2.x1.2 Meters for A Compost Bin

Line up your chicken wire or metal fencing so it is in line and flush with the first post. This will make wrapping the posts a lot easier and it will keep the fencing tight against the posts. There is no need to be perfect but it does helps to start off flush.

Line Up the Fencing Flush to the First Post

Wrap the wire around the two back posts and tie the cage to each post in 3 areas. You can tie it off at the fourth post and leave the front open or you can bring it across to the first/starting post and enclose the entire bin. If you want, but its not needed, you can put boards on the bottom. This can make it easier for scooping up worm casting in the future. 

Wrap 3 Sides with the Wire Fencing

Leave the Front Open or Bend it Around the Starting Post

If the bin is going to hold something like leaves that can blow away easily, you want it closed. If you are going to be layering materials in there, like grass/greens and leaves/browns for hot composting, you can often leave it open as they tend to weigh each other down. The major barrier for people to start composting is finding a place to to put the materials. This is a great project to do in the fall. Good luck getting started!

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