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How to: Start Seeds Indoors

How To Start Seeds & Grow Transplants Indoors

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Starting seeds indoors is easy and inexpensive. Many of the supplies you need to start seeds indoors can be used year after year. Buying transplants at stores is expensive at $3, $4 and $5 a plant you can easily spend over $50 for your herbs and vegetable plants. Seed starting them indoors will translate to about 15 cents a plant when it is all said and done. You will save a lot of money and can reuse supplies year after year

Building A Collapsible Indoor Grow-Light Station

How to Prepare Your Starting Mix and Cell Flats

How to Seed Start Different Vegetable Seeds

Tomatoes and Peppers

Seven Kinds of Basil

Other Herbs (Oregano, Thyme & More) and Perennials

How to Transplant Seedlings into Cups




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