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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Plight of Bad Weather Information or A Lazy Gardener

This weekend I finished starting all my tomatoes, some peppers, and transplanted a whole lot to cups. I also build a new level of grow-lights in my closet (pictures to come). Still not ENOUGH room but that is a gardener's curse. So much to grow and so little space. And a lot of desire to start everything now!

I transplanted cold hardy plants, to a degree, into cups. I figured the weather yesterday was 50's and cloudy and I swear the weatherman said 50 at night. So, I put out my snapdragons and oregano in their aluminum trays. I figured they could get some soft light and harden up. Luckily, I wrapped them up in saran wrap and built a mini-greenhouse for them. I put them outside on concrete to free up some space in the house.

Well it snowed and the temperatures dropped below freezing. I had 60 transplants out there. The look okay! The saran wrap held and the pools of water on the wrap above the plants froze. The water in the trays did not freeze. I go lucky! The plants might be in shock but I go very lucky. The bottom line... Check you weather information, don't be lazy like me, before night comes and don't trust a weatherman.

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