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Friday, March 11, 2011

Refresh the Soil in Your Containers

I turned the old kid's club house into a compost club house last year. It was actually well suited for the change. It has slats for the floor and walls and it has windows. All great for air circulation. The compost is what I will be using to refresh the soil in my containers.

This weekend (I hope) I will be dumping all my container dirt onto a huge tarp. I will let it sit in the sun and dry out. To that, I will add a whole lot of compost, mix it and serve it nicely back into my containers.

If you have containers from last year it is not a bad idea to dump out the soil. Give it some air, see whats growing in it. I have little ants that like to nest everywhere. Containers are a favorite haunt for them. I doubt you will find much in the containers but dumping it out, breaking up clumps, and adding organic matter will get your plants off to a great start this year. Don't use last year's depleted soil.

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