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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Seedling Growth Update

I have had my seeds going since about 1/21. They get 11 to 12 hours of timed light. No heating pad, the temperature stays between 68 and 72 degrees. I water from the bottom and used sterile seed starting mix. I do over seed my cells. I have found little issue with this if you move them to larger cups. I don't use peat cups because I found they mold in my environment unfortunately. Seeds you can over plant are plants that can handle root damage.

Snapdragons and oregano. They are ready for transplanting. The both easily transplant and I will probably break the snapdragons into 4 transplants and the oregano into 2.

That is my lavender and I will let it continue in there for a bit longer. I don't like disturbing their roots when I transplant them. Lavender doesn't germinate well. You do want 4 or so seeds per cell. If more then 2 come up, just remove some.

More transplants. Kohlrabi to the left. Two varieties. It is a root crop but the root we eat, grows above the ground. I have transplanted them this way for years. No issues.  Next are Jupiter's Beard, French Lavender, and Gloriosa Daisy.

Coleus, chives and rosemary. The chives are read to go. Their tips are yellowing from reaching the lights. 

My seedlings, all which will be transplanted soon. Some will go outside in trays and some will stay indoors. I also have many more seeds to start.

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