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Monday, March 7, 2011

Some New Garden Poetry I am Kicking Around: A Handful of Seeds

A draft, subject to mulitple changes.

A Handful of Seeds

I hunger for the garden.
To plant - at the depth of soul,
and feel the growth of life,
I hunger.

Let me turn the earth,
finding comfort,
in the peaceful sounds of motion.

Let me engage life,
in its purest form
and find purpose of being,
where I can set the stage.

For all the characters - of a hundred gardens…
All at once! I can hold cupped, within my hands.

I alone command their action,
anticipate their arrival,
engage in their sequence,
and plot their demise.

Life and art - merge, twist, and grow.
It can be tasted, shaped, touched, inhaled, and shared.

There is a beauty in my hunger.
I can taste the waiting garden.
A sweetness that sows the Spring,
and wakes me from my slumber.

Copyright March 2011
Gary Pilarchik

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