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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cold Weather Persists: Planting Shivers On!

The coverage techniques I am using seem to be working and I will post a blog on what I did. They seemed to manage the cold weather crops perfectly well. The biggest issue with cold tolerant plants is making sure the roots don't freeze.

Tuesday is when the night's return to the 40's. This weekend, I will be planting my cucumbers and squashes in cups. They will sit outside and wait for the right conditions to grow. I aslo hope to get the tomatoes transplanted into cups. I have been putting my seed trays outside for 1 or 2 hours and even made a shade cover to let the tomatoes get some sun. I figured I would start harden them off early. Hardening off is basically allowing your plants to adjust to the sun and temperature. If you move plants straight outdoors from your grow lights... the sun can actually scald them to death. They have to adjust to the UV rays.

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