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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Crown and Roots of A Strawberry Plant

A picture just to show you the difference between the crown and root of strawberry plant. Remember the root stays fully in the soil and crown has to be above the soil. Leaves will grow out of the crown. If you bury it, it typically rots and dies off.


  1. I am doing container gardening this year and I am a rookie. I planted my strawberries from a bag about 10 roots & crowns per bag (very similar to the pic of the one in your lap) about 2 weeks ago but I planted the crowns just below the soil and they are not coming up. Is there any way I can save them? I uncovered the crowns today and they are all a really dark brown does that mean they have already rotted? Please help this rookie gardener.

  2. I put the answer in a blog entry. Good Luck!

    Here is the link in case you missed the entry.



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