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Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Said No Peas In Seed Trays or Did I?

I always say and everyone says not to start  peas in seed cells. I figured, I'd try it and see why or find out they grow perfectly fine as transplants. I think the issue is that peas transplant poorly from seed cells to the ground. I decided to run a experiment.

The picture looks funny because it was late out and the flash on the camera is firing. The cells I am using are a bit taller then your standard cells. These are recycled from last years flowers from Home Depot. I think peas need larger cells or even the cups to give them a shot at transplanting. I filled the cells up about a third of the way. The peas won't get 2 inches of soil coverage as the packets recommend. The will get about an inch. An experiment in depth also.

Both varieties of peas that went into the blue containers will go in the cells. Sticks to label them and you can see only one seed per cell. I will actually be able to see if the container peas or cell peas come up first. I should probably put some in the ground too - to make a fair race.

I over filled them to the top. Everything got a good soaking and that was it for the day.

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