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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Garden Update: March 20th 2011

A lot is going on. It took 17 days for my Sarah's Galapagos tomato seeds to germinate. From what I read, that is standard; 2-3 weeks germination time at 75 degrees or more. The lettuces I planted outdoors in cups last week are coming up. The white-flies aren't around. That does'nt mean much they lay eggs quickly and I suspect I am not done with them.

Yesterday got into the mid 50's and I spent about 6 hours gardening. I will be posting up what I did and how I did and hope it is usefull to others. It took 49 pictures,  all dirt - LOL.

Finally! The season started.

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  1. Whether you have used seeds that from your own harvest i.e. your old plants or buy packaged seeds? You need to take care of right time for germination and use the right materials.


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