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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lavender and Rosemary Cup Transplanting

I started my lavender and rosemary in cells around 1/20. I planted True and French lavender varieties. The French lavender has a unique flower.

Here they are in the cells and they grew under the grow light for about 8 weeks. They take a bit of time to germinate and grow slowly. I did not over plant the lavenders and rosemary in the cells. They don't transplant well if you break up their roots.

Left to right are two rows of True lavender, one of French lavender, and one row of rosemary.

Close up of the True lavender. You can see all the seeds did not germinate.

Though they look similar the row on the left is French lavender and the right row is rosemary.

A better view. I turned the tray. The row to the left are rosemary and the row to the right are French lavender. You can see the difference better in this picture.

They come out of the cells and will be split and placed in cups.

The seedlings, 1 tray's worth, is turned into this. They will grow in here for another 6 weeks or so.


  1. Have you transplanted these yet? Any pictures of the more mature plants? I scattered some seeds of true and lady in a potter and they are getting bigger than I expected. Any advice would be appreciated.

    New Gardner in DC

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