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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Purchase: 4 Kinds of Lettuce

Cost $5.75. Paypal Only. No Shipping Fees.

A Google search of the seed names will show you all kinds of pictures through the plants development.

Red Romaine (200+ seeds)
A red variety of romaine lettuce that is typically found in Caesar salad. It has a deep vein running down the middle and a tight core of leaves that are yellow. The outer leaves are deep red in color. I use red leaves in the garden because I have found them to be a bit more less appetizing to snails and slugs. The aren't the first choice of these critters. Approximately 65 days to maturity.

Ruby Red Leaf (200+ seeds)
This is a loose leaf lettuce. You can harvest it on leaf at a time or in a bunch. Cut the bunch off at the root stem and leave the roots in the garden. New leaves will form. This is a  red tipped leaf lettuce with a green bottom. It is a great variety for double production (cut at root and get a 2nd round). Approximately 55 days to maturity.

Paris Island Romaine (200+ seeds)
A slow bolting variety with 10 inch thick green leaves. Great for texture and taste. A standard romaine. Approximately 65 days to maturity.

Black Seeded Simpson Leaf (125+ seeds)
A broad loose leaf with slight crinkles. The plant grows to about 10 inches. As with most lettuces it is cold tolerant and can take a light frost. It is great for picking one leaf at a time or you can harvest the whole plant by cutting off at and leaving the roots in the garden. If you follow this practice you will get double production. Approximately 45 days to maturity.

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