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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tomato Seedling Updates & Deep freeze

It is going to snow here tonight. My cool weather crops are living up to their name and surviving nicely. The first night I used clear cups, the temperature really dropped. In the morning the chard was frozen through. No issues though. After the sun came up the plants were fine. I am now using cups and plastic covers and sheets.

Here is the picture update of my tomato seedlings. The tomatoes should be replanted this weekend into cups but with this 7 days of below freezing nights, I can't move my other transplanted plants to the outdoors. So... I basically have a too many plants and too few indoor lights. The tomatoes will have to hang on. I gave them water and liquid fertilizer in their plant cell tray. Food is important at this point. Because I over plant my cells, my seedlings will suck out the nutrients pretty quickly once they are up and growing.

The tomatoes get planted halfway up their stem, when I get to transplanting them.

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