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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Garden Pest


  1. Ha ha. Yep, I've got two of those. We put up a fence to keep them out of the veggies. It didn't work.

  2. She loves vegetables and actually was pulling out the lettuce transplants and eating them. She's a new pup and I didnt expect that. And she won't event chase the rabbits.

  3. One of mine used to steal snap peas off the vines. Fortunately he can't jump a fence. The one that can isn't interested in veggies, just squirrels. Unfortunately chasing squirrels usually involves mowing down everything in her pat.

  4. Mine eats tomatoes like crazy. He has learned that ripe tomatoes taste best so he goes out everyday to check for harvest. I haven't got a one since then. Fortunately, I have given over that bed to him. Tomatoes aren't really good for dogs but these are cherry and he doesn't seem to suffer any ill effects.


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