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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bush Beans: 55 days of Warmth?

You have about 5 days to decide if you want to get another round of bush beans in the ground. They take about 55 days to mature and continue to produce thereafter. You will have the heat of August to establish the plant. September does cool down but if we avoid a freak frost, the beans should be fine.

I will be removing my beets, kholrabi, and some determinate tomatoes. Bush beans will be a crop that goes in. I have only planted green beans later in the season but might try a few other different varieties. If my timing was perfect, I would have gotten the beans in last week. But that is life.

They need the heat to germinate and grow. We have that. Keep in mind we are hoping September keeps the night in the fifties or hotter.

TIP: Soak your bean seeds about 6-8 hours before planting. This will save you many days toward plant maturity. They will germinate much more quickly vs. waiting to absorb water and swell from the garden.

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