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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do It Yourself Wedding Planning

Do It Yourself Wedding Planning
Guest post written by Denise Burks

I decided to plan my own wedding after being unsatisfied with my wedding planner. I knew what I wanted so I decided to start searching online with satellite internet. My search was made easy with my hughs satellite internet AKconnection. I was overwhelmed with how many results I was able to find on local churches, receptions areas and florists that were a few minutes from my home.

Though I was a bit disappointed that I could not book my initial reception hall I was able to book my second choice through their easy reservation form. I found it incredibly useful being able to show my florist my flower selections with a simple email attachment. I kept in contact with each of my bridesmaids through instant messenger and planned my honeymoon online as well, which included a six-night seven day stay in Hawaii.

The hotel gave us a special wedding rate as well. I never felt so productive planning anything in my life. I especially liked that I could order all of my accessories and invitations online and could even get special discounted rates for ordering in bulk. When I had my planner the stores she took me to had limited supplies and I would have to wait for them to be ordered and for them to arrive at the location. I did not have that problem doing it on my own.

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