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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Clean Up the Garden & Start Cool Weather Crops

July is coming to a close. There are plenty of weeds and spent plants that can be cleaned up. This is where I usually get tired and lazy and loose the garden maintenance battle. This year I am going to try and stay up on it.

Over the first two weeks of August, you can start planting you cool weather crops like lettuces, radishes, spinach and kales. The kales may not mature but they often make it through winter and you can harvest it in the spring. It our area September and October is usually great for greens and radishes as long as you get them in the ground in August.

Another round of beans can go in this week as well as fast growing vine crops. I plan to clean up the garden this week and figure out what  I will plant over the next two weeks. I think I, as well as others, really under-utilize the garden toward the end of the season.  I know I do.  I might even dabble with a cold frame for winter long greens.

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