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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pictures of the 2nd Wave of Tomatoes

This is the 2nd wave of tomatoes.  There is a pile of leaves I just pruned to make space beneath the plants to control disease. This second wave went in around June 22nd. They were transplants.

This is the 1st wave of tomatoes. I pruned them a few days ago. I removed more bottom leaves and the yellow spotted leaves. They went in the ground mid May.

The third wave is in styo-foam cups. They are the cold tolerant tomatoes. I cleared the yellow leaves off my plants a few days ago. I just finished applying another round of sulfur spray on them. The rain was great but of course it washed off my sulfur. I am hoping to prevent Early Blight from taking hold.

We will see.

Another group of 1st wave tomatoes. You can see the one on the right was heavily pruned. It is the Delicious variety.


  1. Despite a few yellow leaves, those look really healthy. Here our first wave of tomatoes are crispy critters and it is time to put out the baby transplants for the next wave this fall.

  2. Hopefully, they stay healthy. Were you linking a picture? Ill be posting the whole garden this week in pictures. Sort of a pre-Early Blight and Fungus photo op.


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