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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Squash: Hubbard Orange Heirloom

The Hubbard squash is an Heirloom. It is believed to be named after Old Lady Hubbard of the 1840's but there is no proof. It is naturally born in blue and green. That variety is boasted as a bit more sweet and of heirloom origin. The yellow orange variety is said to be bred and though prettier perhaps a bit less sweet.

You need room for this squash to run. There are 3 large squash growing on this vine. It is one plant. And a few babies are starting. This squash is a winter squash which only means it typically can hold on into winter. Because of the thick rind, it is rumored to be able to sit in a cool dry place for 6 months. I don't tend to find out whether or not it is true. This is the first year I have had success with large squash. The key, I watered the Mother Hubbard out of it.

1 of 3 on the vine. It needs room to spread.

Growing in the midst of my grapes.

Two angles of the largest, growing beneath my grapes.

The other angle beneath the grapes.

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