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Friday, July 9, 2010

Whiteflies and the Garden: General Update

No more whiteflies. I checked under the leaves etc. There maybe some hidden pockets but... Sevin did actually work. Life is getting in the way to maintain the garden as I wish but well... that's life. So I never put the soap spray on them. The death of the whiteflies is due to 2 dousings of Sevin.The drawback is I can't eat the vegetables without cleaning them.

I did manage to put another round of sulfur spray on the tomatoes last night as a prevention to Early Blight. I think it has arrived. Some of my tomatoes have leaves turning yellow with brown circles. I'll get pictures up later. I'm not sure how tomato leaves die normally. I suspect some of my determinate plants are max out and starting to fade. Do they just yellow and brown? Or do the decay in a way that might look like beginnings of EB. I haven't found a website with great pictures yet or a video on EB or naturally death of a tomato.

The heat is a killer. My plants are only surviving because they get a huge soaking every other day. I hope everyone else is fairing well with their gardens. I hope to weed, remove yellow leaves, and clean up the garden and yard this weekend.

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