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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pictures of My Tomatoes as of July 15th

I have been eating tomatoes from the Celebrity determinate variety I planted with a hot-house cage in April. I have also picked fruit from the Florida Basket variety. There are many large green tomatoes and the Black Cherry has fruit. You will notice yellow leaves with brown spots. Early Blight? Of course not because I am in denial. I did spray last night with sulfur spray. And the green fruits are large which means they will be red before EB could (If I had it) kill the plant.

Celebrity Determinate. Planted April 4th in Hot-House Cage

1st Prize. A variety I sold.

Bonnie Best 

Black Cherry

Delicious Indeterminate 1-2 pound fruit. Ugly but Tasty

Florida Basket Determinate. There are three plants in there.

2nd Wave Planting. To thrive when the other die out.

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