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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Radishes and Cool Weather Planting

Radishes are fast growing vegetables that prefer the cool weather. Heat makes the grow too quickly. The root won't develop adequately in the heat. It tends to be small and woody. The leaves will take off to flower and turn to seed. We have time in Maryland to do several planting of radishes in mid August and September and even October. They have some resistance to frost. Timing is the key. You probably can get away with early August planting if you use shade to your benefit.

Radishes take about 28 days to 45 days to mature depending on the variety. If they aren't plump by the time the mature date comes, pull them. Rarely, will a radish that fails to mature by maturity date, mature at a future date. Right? If it's not ready about a week after the maturity date, just yank it.

Some favorite varieties of radishes that mature quickly. The seeds you buy in the Fall will be fine for Spring planting also.

The Cherry Belle is listed as 24 days to maturity. Your best bet is to plant it mid August, first week of September, middle of September, and first week of October. You could even try mid October if you feel lucky.

The French Breakfast is a classic. It is another 25 day, early maturing radish. I have the best luck with these. Planting is the same as the Cherry Belle.

Some different varieties if you are interested in color, taste and uniqueness.

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