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Monday, July 19, 2010

Behind on Garden Tasks as Always: Weeding, Pruning, Feeding

Well, mid July is time for liquid fertiziling or side dressing of most of my plants. Although I always have a plan, can write a plan, can tell other people how it should be generally done... I always get behind. But that is my gardening style, disorganized but effective.

I added larger stakes to my tomatoes. They out grew the smaller ones about 7 days ago. I have just been too busy to manage in a timely way. I took some pictures and will post the crazy tending. However, I do have 7 foot plants now. I have pruned heavily from the bottom up but have let a lot of suckers turn into branches. Oddly, enough it is working effectively. At last count I have well over 150 green tomatoes around baseball size. So it is effective, just not attractive or as I planned.

I had to pull my beans because I failed to harvest them quickly enough and they went to seed mode. They will be replanted. My cucumbers are doing very well. Lots of water. I lost 1 zuke to stem borers. I got behind on dropping Sevin dust on the stem by 10 days. After the last rain cleaned the plants, the borer got one.

I pulled out about 30 pounds of weeds and old plants, that's 2 large bag fulls - of refuse.

I liquid fertilized my cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. I don't always do peppers but some seemed a little pale. The remaining zukes and squash got feed and so did my chard.

I am still behind but much closer. The tomatoes and peppers are all staked. Well 80% staked.

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