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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rain, Sulfur Spray and Tomatoes: It's Early Blight conditions.

The rain is effectively removing all sprays. I didn't spray yesterday and a good thing... it poured. I'll have to spray today. July is the time of Early Blight. Wet leaves promote EB. Humidity promotes EB. We have it all going on now. They will get a sulfur spray and aspirin spray today. I have to say the yellow leaves aren't returing on the tomatoes I pruned and the yellow leaves with spots, I left on the determinates, actually quickly dried out and browned away after the last sulfur spray. There aren't new yellow leaves with brown spots on those plants. Not sure what to make of it. But it doesn't seem to be spreading. Whiteflies, still present. Soap spray for them. I assume I have to keep up the spray on the whiteflies to beat the egg cycle.

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