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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Water is an Issue Now: Deep Soaking & 2nd Wave of Cukes and Zukes

Well we all know water/rain is scarce in the Maryland area. If your zukes, cukes and squash plants are looking yellow and burned, it is the heat and lack of deep water. FYI - with this heat the plants need deep soil soaking to survive. Sprinkle watering is pretty useless and a waste of resources right now. Putting the hose on the stem of the plant and letting in run 5 to 10 minutes is an absolute must in this heat and lack of soaking rain. All the plants really need this deep soaking.

Deep spot watering not only gives your plants the water they need but it cuts down on splash for disease prevention and it will help kill off weeds. If you aren't watering the weeds with mass sprinkling, they will die.

If you haven't already planted another wave of cukes and zukes. You have plenty of time. I will also be starting another wave of these plants in styro-foam cups. Keep your garden going into October, plant waves.

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