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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Tomato Seeds Arrived & Whiteflies Survive.

The whiteflies are less abundant on the Kale, so the Sevin must be working. However, while spending an hour watering, I noticed them in other places. Maybe they just moved? Argh! Never had whiteflies, never want them again. I ran out of time to mix soap spray, so I gave the plants another shot of Sevin. What do I miss most? Now I can't just eat the vegetables off the plants as I normally do. Tonight, sulfur for blight, and soap for the damn flies. That, by the way live under the leaves so spraying is even more difficult.

My tomato seeds arrived for my third planting of tomatoes. I am working on a cold weather project. The seeds I bought are fast growing cold liking tomatoes. I will be planting them in 8 oz styro-foam cups out side. They will sit in a reservoir tray. The heat is a killer. No significant rain in weeks and none on the way. I will be doing a picture gallery for the tomatoes later this week.

I noticed my tomatoes from the late wave I planted 3 weeks ago are taking off. I think a later planting will work just fine.

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