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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Purchase: 2 Kinds of Kale

Cost $2.75. Paypal Only. No Shipping Fees.

A Google search of the seed names will show you all kinds of pictures through the plants development.

Vates Blue Scotch Kale (75+ seeds)
This is your standard curled kale with blue green leaf. In the Maryland area it is best started indoors in March and transplanted in early April. It is a cool weather crop. It can take a light frost. It can be planted again from seed in June and July for Fall greens. The Kale turns 'sweeter' with the cold. Great in a stir-fry, in salads, and in soups. Approximately 65 days to maturity.

Red Russian Kale (75+ seeds)
The stems are purple and the leave are a gray green. During the colder periods the plant takes on a purple color. It is a cool weather crop. I can take a light frost. It is planted and used just like the Blue Scotch. It contrasts nicely in salads and in the garden with other greens. Approximately 50 days to maturity.