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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vegetable Gardening TIp #8: Plant Your Seed Succession (NOT ALL AT ONCE)

A pack of lettuce could hold 200 seeds. A pack of radishes might have 100 seeds. I don't care how much you love vegetables - what in the world would you do with 100 radishes and 200 heads of lettuce that all mature in a few days of each other?

Succession planting is the practice of planting like seeds with a delay, so you get a continues harvest over weeks rather than a whole lot of the same vegetables within a week. Plant the same vegetable seeds in succession to get more from your garden.

For example, I recommend planting radishes with 7-10 days between plantings. Plant a row of 30 or 40 seeds and wait a week or so and plant another row. I would do it a third time too and maybe a fourth. As you are eating your radishes you will have some maturing in the garden for the next week and the week after.