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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Radishes Already? Almost But Nah!

Here are some radishes that I planted last September. Radishes over-winter I see but they were woody. Yes, I tried one. Two actually. These radishes were probably headed toward quick seeding. They do look good but I will have to wait 20 more days for the others to mature. They are up and pictured below.

Over-Wintered Radish Greens: Gary Pilarchik
200 Day Old Over-Wintered Radishes: Gary Pilarchik

I cleaned out the above bed and I found radishes that have to be at least 200 days old. This bed was cleared for carrots, celery and beets. The blog entry is coming soon.

Here is how the newly planted radishes and kohlrabi are doing... soon to be thinned.

Cool Weather Radishes and Kohlrabi: Gary Pilarchik

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