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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Home

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

We recently moved to a new house that is bigger than our old one. We have two kids with one on the way, so we just needed more space. We also wanted to move into a house with a bigger yard. I wanted my kids to be able to play in the yard without me having to worry about if they were going to run into the street. After we moved in, we needed to set up all of our utilities. There were only a few companies available for most of our utilities, such as water and power. However, there were a couple of different choices for internet. We just needed something so we could access our email, bank account, pay bills, and of course, get on Facebook. My friend who also lives in the area said we shouldget Wild Bllue internet. She said that she has it and she loves it. My husband called to set up everything and they were able to come to our house the next week to set up internet. I am glad that we listened to my friend, because I could not have survived much longer without the internet.

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