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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Recycled Bagel Domes for A Vegetable Greenhouse of Sorts

The Zone 7 Maryland weather is currently mostly freezing nights and 40 to 60 degree days. Somethings can be put straight into the garden but some things want frost free nights.  I have a grow-closet but have limited room. Over the Winter while at work, I noticed one of our programs that provides breakfast, had lots of things that were just thrown away at the end of the day. Sometimes the bagels were served on large black trays with domes. What do these five sentences have to do with gardening? Take a look...

Serving Containers or Mini Greenhouses?: Gary Pilarchik

I collected the large used serving containers for three reasons. The first being, the large black tray. The second being, a clear dome. The third reason being that the dome locks (air tight) onto the black tray. I figured I could get about 4 seed starting cell trays under the dome. I was right!

Vegetable Cell Trays: Gary Pilarchik

I decided to plant my lettuce varieties in the cells along with other greens and an herb called lovage. I know they like the cold but also know that frost and really cold nights will slow germination. Sealing them in the recycled serving containers creates a mini greenhouse. A little more heat at night. More heat during the day. That all equals quicker germination and growth. I hope.

Lettuce Seeds for the Mini Greenhouse: Gary Pilarchik

I over plant. I know I can easily thin lettuce and greens. The goal of this project is to create a warm environment above the night and day temperatures. The domes will sit outside.  I am now able to start more seeds and contend with my limited space in my grow-closet. It is of course almost tomato time.  I'll need the indoor space! I can water these trays from the bottom too. That was a bonus.

Water Cell Trays from the Bottom: Gary Pilarchik
Sealed Mini Lettuce Greenhouses: Gary Pilarchik