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Monday, March 5, 2012

Question From A Reader: My Tomatoes Have White Bugs and Thin Trails of White on My Plant

I have a question about micro bugs on my vegetable garden. They were doing well but now are stunted and not growing. I see little white bugs on my tomato plants and thin trails of white on my leaves. I don't know what type of bugs I have but I know they are killing my plants. What spray is good for Tomatoes, spinach etc? I need HELP.

A fellow gardener is in need of help via a solution to bugs. No pun intended. Okay intended.

My thought is mealy bugs if it is not white-flies or aphids. In either case because it is tomatoes and the fruit is easily washed, I suggest Sevin Dust or Spray for tomatoes. My garden is not 100% green but I practice as being as green as I can. I would use Sevin Dust on the tomatoes.

As for the Spinach (I'm not sure if they are infected too) but I would use a green spray made of soapy water and some oil. Since I would be eating the spinach whole, I prefer nothing on leafy greens. The other solution for spinach is to remove the infected plants and replant.

Please put your suggestions in here and help out a fellow gardener.