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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Herb: Update on My Stevia Plants (The Sweetener)

Stevia: Gary Pilarchik

I was able to grow 4 Stevia plants. I had 5 but one fell prey to the mouse. The mouse is now dead. The Stevia seeds cost $2-$3 and there were only about 15 seeds in the pack, maybe less. This is what I was able to grow.

Stevia and Roots: Gary Pilarchik

Anytime you are growing plants in cell packs you want to make sure you transplant them before the root systems become root-bound. You also want to make sure the plants have strong root systems. The cell plants should like like this. You will notice a good green growth and well develop roots.

Stevia (The Sweetener) Ready for the Sun: Gary Pilarchik

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