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Monday, March 5, 2012

Redesigning the Yard with New Furniture

I recently cleaned up my garden containers for the the Spring and rearranged my deck. The deck looked really bare. I am excited about the new season and really felt like my outdoor living space needed some work. I like the rustic theme for my yard and have a blend of cottage garden mixed in there. I decided Adirondack chairs for comfort and the aged  looked would fit best on my deck. They are really comfortable and wear nicely over time. Although I prefer wood the website I looked at also had plastic based materials made with 90% recycled plastics. I will take the cedar or teak wood in this case.

I had a wooden picnic table which I liked for the look and it lasted 10 years but I had to spend every Spring sanding it down and sealing it. Getting splinters was no fun. This site offers 100's of varieties of picnic tables made from all types of materials in all kinds of colors. You can find any shape, size or commerical grade imaginable there. I just need something to seat four. This time I want something in color that will wear without splinters and stay cool in the Summer heat. The thermoplastic coated metal most intrigued me. You find and learn something new everyday.

Now the picnic table is great for barbecue seating but I also need a bench to offer seating in spots in the garden. I found a hoop style park bench among many park benches that looks sleek and stylish for placement in my rustic cottage garden. I really enjoyed looking at all the varieties of benches and found design options well beyond what I would find in the big do it yourself stores. You never know whats out there until you look around.

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