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Friday, March 2, 2012

Cleaning Out Containers and Leaving the Lettuce, Greens and Onions

It was a mild Winter and my container lettuces, greens and onions survived well. Some plants died but a lot survived. It is March 2nd and time to clean up the containers to let the over-wintered vegetable plants grow.  Greens that grow in the cold taste a lot different than the late Spring and Summer rotations. They are much sweeter! I will be harvesting enough for a salad by the close of March.

Over-Wintered Lettuces, Greens and Onions: Gary Pilarchik
Time to Clean Up the Vegetable Containers: Gary Pilarchik

I have lettuces, arugula, endive, kale and onions in the above containers. They were all planted in the Fall and did really well. If I clean them up, they will grow again and I can harvest them while my garden beds grow.

A Before Vegetable Container: Gary Pilarchik

The key is to remove anything rotted or brown. Also remove anything that looks yellow or that you wouldn't want in your salad. If the roots and stems are strong, the vegetable plants will grow leaves for you to harvest.

A Cleaned Vegetable Container: Gary Pilarchik

More before and after pictures.

Vegetable Container to be Cleaned: Gary Pilarchik
Cleaned and Ready to Grow: Gary Pilarchik

After all the containers were clean up, I move them to the other side of the deck.

Vegetable Container Debris: Gary Pilarchik
Groomed Containers with Pea Supports: Gary Pilarchik

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