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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What Do Beet Seeds Look Like? And A Trick Question

Beet Seeds: Gary Pilarchik

Beet seeds don't look like the picture because what you actually looking are pods. Those little wrinkled things hold beet seeds but they aren't the seeds. The seeds are inside. You are actually planting a pod of multiple seeds. When you plant the pods you will get several plants per pod. Beets are one vegetable that you do have to thin.

How many beet seeds are pictured in my hand below?

How Many Beet Seeds Are In My Hand?: Gary Pilarchik

You might want to say 8 but you would be wrong. It is true you would plant 8 'things' but you are planting 8 pods. There might be 10 to 20 beet seeds in those pods combined or more. You have to thin beets by plucking plants. It is very hard to divide them because the seeds grow so close together. The roots tangle nicely.

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