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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Frost Damage and Effectiveness of Clear Cups: Celery

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As science would have it, one cup blew off my celery during the night of the frost.  I was glad I decided to cover the celery because it is not very frost tolerant and it did get below 32 degrees. I also put cups on peas. I found that peas can take a frost. The difference between the peas that had a cup on them and the peas that where left uncovered were negligible.

The celery was damaged through the protection of the cups but not nearly as bad as the unprotected celery plant.  The final thought... plastic cups will buy you a degree or two of frost protection.

Celery Before the Frost - The Rusted Garden: Gary Pilarchik

Here are two pictures of celery that were covered by the cups through the frost. A little damage can be seen but not too bad.  The pictures were taking 36 hours after the frost so the damage would be visible.

Minor Frost Damage on Celery - The Rusted Garden: Gary Pilarchik
Minimal Frost Damage on Celery: Gary Pilarchik

The above pictures are of celery that had the cups on them. Here is the unlucky celery that was victim of wind. The wind blew the cup off during the evening hours. Although it looks bad... the core of the plant is fine and it should be fine.

Celery Damaged by Frost - The Rusted Garden: Gary Pilarchik

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