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Monday, March 12, 2012

Herbs: Lavender From Cell to Cup - 60 Days Under Grow-Lights

Lavender: Gary Pilarchik

My lavender grew. You will notice cells with no seedlings and some cells do have more than 1 plant.  This lavender was planted in the first week of January and I transplanted it this weekend. Lavender grows slowly and it germinates between 2 and 5 weeks. I have some seeds that germinated only a few weeks ago. I suggest planting 3 seeds per tray.  You can see they won't all grow.

The lavender plant has a fairly strong root system and can handle one division. If you have 2 plants per cell, with a gap between them, you can just rip the roots evenly down the middle.

However, you can't half  a half. The roots won't support the plants. Once ripped in half, leave however many plants remain and just plant them. If you have 2 plants that are really close together, leave them alone also. Only rip the root ball down the middle when you have 2 plants that are spaced out.  If you have three plants per cell that means one half will have 1 plant and the other half will have 2 plants. Don't further divide the 2 plant section. The roots will be too damaged.

Lavender Roots in Cells: Gary Pilarchik
Two Lavender Plants Spaced Enough to Split: Gary Pilarchik
Lavender Transplanted to a Cup: Gary Pilarchik
Lavender Ready to Get Some Sun: Gary Pilarchik

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