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Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to Plant Celery Transplants: I Guess

I thought this was cilantro when I walked by it in the nursery. It is celery. I have never grown celery before and I have never seen it for sale as a transplant. I had to buy it of course. It is part of the addiction of gardening. I did notice there are more than six plants in the cells. Some cells had single plants which make transplanting easy that even a politician could do it. Some had 2 plants which I figure I can divide easily but some also had 3 or more plants somewhat close together. The cell cost $3.99 which isn't a great savings if I only got 6 plants out of it. If this works well... I'll be starting my own celery seeds.

Celery Transplants - The Rusted Garden: Gary Pilarchik

I pretty much followed the planting instructions with the cell pack. Because I plant in a raised bed, I can put vegetables closer together... so I did.  I carefully divided the cells that had two plants. When you divide plants in cells make sure you tear the roots by the roots and not crush or tear the area where the plant meets the roots.  Watch where you finger pressure is on the plant when you tear. Cells that had more than 2 plants where divided into two clumps. Some celery plants where planted with two or more plants per hole - an experiment remember.

A Single Celery Transplant - The Rusted Garden: Gary Pilarchik
A Celery Transplant Hole - The Rusted Garden: Gary Pilarchik

The bed has been turned, amended and prepared. I dug a hole with a depth a bit deeper than the root ball.  I just held the transplant in place carefully by the green and back filled the hole. The rest of the plants, including divisions, were planted the same way. Lots of water helps with torn roots.

A Row of Celery Transplants: Gary Pilarchik

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