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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Disease: Vegetable Seedling Damping Off Disease/Fungus (In Pictures)

Here are a few pictures of 'damping off' disease. It is a fungal disease that attacks new sprouts. Typically, it comes from watering from above. I never had trouble with it when watering from the bottom. Wet, damp seed trays and seedlings help breed the fungus.

I thought that when I secured the domes (in my previous blog) that there would be a risk of moisture caused fungus. But of course I thought.... Nah that won't happen to me. Well it did. The cure for fungus is SUNSHINE. Sun, wind and warm weather is the best antiseptic for this Damping Off Type Diseases. It is a collective name for this type of fungus attack.

After being outside for the day, most of the fungus was gone. After 2 days... it is all gone.

Tip: I don't use seed starting moisture domes because of this. They aren't needed and just help create a nice disease growing climate.

Fungus From Moisture: Gary Pilarchik
"Damping Off' Disease: Gary Pilarchik
Vegetable Sprout Attacked by Fungus: Gary Pilarchik


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