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Thursday, June 30, 2011

25,000 Page Views: Help Spread the Word! Thanks.

Well my blog hit 25,000 page views. Of course 10,000 are probably mine from the early goings. I do get about 5,000 views a month lately. I want to thank those that come and dig around. If you like my blog please join up as a member if you wish and for the email alerts too. I would appreciate any help in spreading the word of my blog's existence.

I do have a Q & A forum open as a test run but would you believe, seriously, that they get hit with African spammers. The forum attracts dozens of out of US people that post advertisements on them. That is their job. The forum has software where you can track IP addresses and see where they come from. The forum has like 4 legit members and 87 banned IP addresses. I probably will close the Q & A forum.

My website My Tomato and Vegetable Garden is coming along. As I have mentioned it will differ from this blog by mainly holding videos, I am developing this summer. That will grow over time. I know pictures help to teach but short concise videos can be even greater tools for passing on knowledge. Plus I am learning about web design, video hosting, and other things to keep my mind from becoming feeble.

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