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Friday, June 10, 2011

Tomato Planning: Maryland Storms and Humidity: Time to Tend and Repair Plants

We have been having hot days and humidity with very little rain. This combination of weather isn't so bad, if you have been spraying your tomatoes. The spray stays on the plants. That is good.

Now that we are having huge thunderstorms... it is time to clean up the garden and spray again for disease prevention. The mistake I often make is not getting out there to re-spray once rain has washed off the protection.  Right now my plants, after the heavy rains, are unprotected. If I wait a few days... I might have to battle some diseases that take hold on the plants.

The hard rains wash off preventative sprays and kick up soil and any spores in the soil. We had a nasty storm last night. I was behind on tieing up some of my tomatoes and I notice several damaged plants and split stems. I'll be blogging about the repairs and show the pictures.

This weekend will be about tending and repair. Fixing damaged plants and getting them ready for the summer. And weeding... this heavy rain and heat will cause the weeds to burst onto the scene.

One more word for vine crops like cucumbers and squashes. Water them heavily. That is the bottom line for great vine crops. They are heavy drinkers and heavy feeders.

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