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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Late June is Time to Clean Up the Garden in Zone 7

Some things to do now in the garden, if you haven't done them. I let spots on my cucumbers go to long and had to remove one plant. I got lazy. Late June is a good time to clean-up and remove spent plants and give the warm season vegetables a boost.

Epsom salts. I give my tomatoes a dose of epsom salts for magnesium. A handful sprinkled around the base of the plant. You can water it or let the rain disolve it.

  • Lettuces will be bitter and bolting, time to remove them
  • Radishes will be woody, no point in letting them grow
  • Kohlrabi should fully bulb up soon, if it isn't, it is going the woody route
  • Peas can be looked at for removal
  • Remove weeds as always

  • Cucumbers, zukes, and squash could use some liquid fertilizer.
  • Tomatoes could use a little boost of the above

Disease Prevention/Insect Prevention
  • Check your tomato leaves, I found 2 with spots
  • Check you cucumbers for mildew and spots
  • Remove any infected leaves from all plants and spray
  • Sevin Dust or similar the bases of cukes, zukes, and squashes (beetles are coming)
  • Sevin Dust or similar your eggplants (flea beetles are around)
  • Look for holes in plant leaves and treat
  • Remove bottom growth of tomatoes to prevent soil splashing
  • Remove center growth of tomatoes (a bit) to allow for air circulation
  • Mulch Mulch Mulch and create a barrier over your soil

  • Put in your beans or second rotation
  • Plants some zukes, cukes, and squashes in cups for back-ups
  • Sunflower can go in the ground
  • Cilantro and basil can be dropped in the ground again
  • All fast growing herbs should go in the ground

Make a general assessment of your plants. I removed 1 tomato from a container because it wasn't growing well and looked pale in comparison to the other 32. Now I do have the luxury of having many plants. Sometimes it is better to remove and replant, if a plant isn't doing well.

I have one tomato with a nasty leaf distortion and curl. Worse the the leaf curl/mosiac pictures look on-line. That is probably what it has but I wonder if my aspirin baths did it. It is only one plant. I'll get some picture up for any passer by plant detectives.


  1. Thanks for the great advice. I'm in zone 7 in Virginia and this post was my inspiration for garden work this afternoon. I just finished removing the extra center & bottom growth from my tomato plants and seven-dusting my cucumber bases.

  2. Certainly, I only got as far as outlining what needs to be done, and I ate cucumber. A good start...


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